Jordanville Candles is operated by the monks of Holy Trinity Monastery in Jordanville, New York.

We produce quality 100% beeswax candles, using only US sourced beeswax with no chemicals or additives, to the  glory of God and to support our monastery.



Boxes of Thick Fitted End Candles


Boxes of Thin Tapered Candles


"Our parish uses only Jordanville candles. Superb quality candles of all sizes. The larger ones even come with SFE (self fitting end) that allows fitting them in the candle stand safely and easily. Flexible delivery options and great communication. Thank you!" 

Maxim Agapov, Church Warden at the St, John the Baptist Russian Orthodox Cathedral, Washington DC

"Our parish has been purchasing candles from Jordanville Church Supplies for over three years. The quality of the candles is excellent. Recently a significant improvement has been made to the wider candles by making a fluted end. With this change the candles fit perfectly into our candle holders which are of different sizes. Thank you for making this great enhancement."  

Alex Kwartiroff, Church Warden, Russian Orthodox Church of St. Seraphim of Sarov, Seacliff NJ

1407 Robinson Road, Jordanville, N.Y. 13361

⏲ Hours of Operation: Monday - Saturday: 9am-1:30pm

✉︎ Email:           ☏ Phone: +1 (315) 858-8130

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